The Plans


This inner city redevelopment will touch all corners of the consumer experience. From gourmet eateries to plentiful parking, the block has something to offer everyone.


At this stage, plans include:

A range of dining offerings including a food court and boutique eateries.

Retail shops, ranging from a large anchor retailer to small boutique stores.

A covered, multi-storey covered carpark with 850 parking spaces.

Open air internal laneways and outdoor dining spaces within the precinct.

A central medical centre, conveniently located for those working in and around the CBD.

Office blocks and apartments, bringing an additional 1500 people to the CBD every day.


The plans cover redevelopment of the complete block bordered by Dee, Esk, Kelvin and Tay Streets, with the exception of the Kelvin Hotel and Reading Cinemas.

Careful consideration has been given to design a contemporary, functional centre that provides an engaging customer experience while remaining in scale with the existing buildings it is surrounded by. Three heritage building facades will be preserved and worked into the new development, including that of the former Southland Times building, Bonsai Restaurant and Cambridge Arcade, all on Esk Street.

The following are the current concept plans and artists’ impressions of the completed development. Development of these is continuing and we will be updating this section as new material comes to hand.

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