The Vision


What if the size of a city didn’t have to denote its vitality?

What if being a small city meant you could do big things?


The inner-city block will be a place full of vibrance, bringing new life to Invercargill’s CBD.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to give Invercargill a bright and bustling city centre where all manner of business and interaction can take place. No one’s ever done an entire block redevelopment on an already-established site and HWCP is excited to take on the challenge.

The development takes up the rectangular block of buildings between Esk Street and Tay Street, bordered by Dee Street and Kelvin Street.

Because of the scale of the project, the redevelopment will provide many positive flow-on economic effects. A labour spend of $80 million and 400-500 new jobs are projected to be required during the development phase. Once completed, the centre is expected to bring more visitors to the region and give them a reason to stay longer, as well as increasing local spend.

We all feel a great connection to Invercargill, but we need to acknowledge that it’s lost its heart. This project is designed to give Invercargill its heart back.

We already know regional New Zealand is suffering, and we’re determined not to let Invercargill become a casualty. The city is a goldmine for a diverse range of activities, business and culture. We want to bring that to the forefront and celebrate what Invercargill has to offer.

This block redevelopment comes at a time when Invercargill needs it most, and the central block is the ideal development site. It already contains a hotel and cinema, so it makes perfect sense to build on this foundation and expand the city’s central offering.

The Southland Regional Development Strategy (SoRDS) was a stroke of genius and we’re keen to see the continuation of the strategy’s philosophy. SoRDS set a goal of bringing 10,000 more people to Invercargill by 2025; we anticipate the inner-city redevelopment will provide a significant contribution to achieving this.


Introducing HWCP

HWCP involves two major parties – the Invercargill City Council and H.W. Richardson Group.

HWCP is a joint venture between Invercargill City Property Limited and HWR Property Limited. HWR is a part of H.W. Richardson Group Limited, while Invercargill City Property Limited is part of the council-owned Holdco investment enterprise.

H.W. Richardson Group is privately-owned New Zealand transport company.